Isolation Gowns Poly/Carbon Fluid Resistant, Reusable, Non-Medical (6 Doz/72 Pieces)

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Product: Isolation Gown with stripes, knitted cuffs (Non-Medical)

Content: 99% Polyester – 1% Carbon

Size: One size. Sweep 60” / Length 48”

Color: Yellow gown, white knitted cuffs

Quantity: 6 dozen (72 pieces)

Introducing our Isolation Gowns Poly/Carbon Fluid Resistant, Reusable, Non-Medical – perfect for keeping your employees protected and safe during critical times. Crafted with 99% Polyester and 1% Carbon, these gowns are designed to provide you with maximum level of protection against fluids. With a yellow gown and white knitted cuffs, the generous length of the sleeves offers more comfort for longer movement. Furthermore, the high thread count on each gown enhances safety against fluid resistance and static control. Moreover, with the right care instructions, you may be able to get up to 75 washes out of this item. We assure that this product is of the highest quality that can provide optimal protection – do not hesitate to take advantage today!