Microfiber Bar Mops

Microfiber bar towels are a prefect replacement for cotton bar mops. Also known as Microfiber cloth and Peri cloth/wipes in Health care sector. Available in different colors red, green, yellow, pink , black and orange
Ideal for use in restaurant, bars, coffee shops, homes, car wash, car detailing, car repairs, Automotive, machinery cleaning, printer towels use to clean printing machines.
All-purpose bar mops designed to stay intact/same condition up to 50 washes, anti-microbial protection, Bleach safe, smooth surface with additional abrasion without scratching surface
More energy efficient to process, more absorbent in use requiring no prep time, and more durable with approximately 10 times the life expectancy depending on use conditions.
Produced with 100% synthetic fibers, Eurocale brand
Available in different sizes and color, white and blue
Available for immediate delivery, in stock