Snag Free Thermal Blankets 66x90" White


Product: Snag Free Thermal Blanket

Dimensions: 66" x 90"

Weight: 2.5lbs

Content: 100% Cotton

Color: White

Quantity: Choose between 6 pieces or 60 pieces

Brand: Eurocale

Snag Free Thermal Blankets 66x90” White from Eurocale are the perfect choice for a variety of needs. These 100% cotton thermal blankets are moderately heavy, yet amazingly soft and comfortable. At 2.5 lbs, they offer superior insulation, providing mild warmth while still feeling light and airy against the skin. Whether you need a hospital blanket, IBEX blanket, warm blanket or simply something cozy to curl up with on cool nights, these thermal blankets don't disappoint.

The snag-free finish means you won't have to worry about unraveling threads or catching on sharp objects – ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, jails, prisons and chiropractic & physiotherapy clinics. And because the blanket comes in a single white color of the highest quality construction and materials available, it blends in perfectly with any decorum. Get Snag Free Thermal Blankets 66x90" White by Eurocale today and see what true comfort feels like!

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61.00 (cm)