T130 Thread Count Flat Sheets 66x104" Single/Twin White (1 Doz/12 Pieces)


Product: Single/Twin Flat Sheet, T130 Thread count

Type: Economy/Budget Quality

Dimensions: 66" x 104"

Content: 50% Cotton - 50% Polyester

Color: White

Quantity: 1 dozen (12 pieces) per pack

Brand: Eurocale

Introducing the T130 Flat Sheets – quality and affordability combined into one. Woven from 50% polyester and 50% cotton, these sheets are durable and economical with a luxurious feel. Available in white color in size 66”X104”, there is no doubt that this product was made for medical beds and hospital laundry service. From medical bed sheet suppliers to hospital bed sheets, our T130 Flat Sheets have all your bases covered. You can trust them to be of extraordinary length-holding properties that gives you easy care even after regular wash cycles.  With Eurocale brand's latest addition, finding the perfect flat sheet has never been easier! Grab these quality sheets at cost effective price and feel relaxed every time you lie on your bed!