SHOP TOWELS - WASHED approx 14x14" - 1250 PCs/BALE NATURAL


Product: Shop Towels - Washed

Dimensions: 14x14” - approximately

Content: 100% Cotton

Color: Natural

Quantity: 1,250 pieces

Brand: MTI

Shop Towels,  Washed approx 14x14" , Natural unbleached color , Our Eurocale Brand washed shop Towels 14”x14” ,are 100% cotton, in natural color and in size 14”X14” are multi-purpose, excellent in absorbency, machine washable and durable and do not rip easily. Called as printer towels too.  
These are used for cleaning purpose and invariably are laundered and reused.
Mainly these are used in shops and in bars, clubs, gyms, health clubs, printing machinery cleaning, automotive, car repair, mechanics, auto detailing, golf cart cleaning and cafeteria..
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