Shop Towels 14x14" White (1250 Pieces/Bale)


Product: Shop Towels - Washed

Dimensions: 14x14"

Content: 100% Cotton

Color: White

Quantity: 1,250 pieces

Brand: MTI

Shop Towels from MTI are an essential for any business or home. These 100% cotton towels are designed to meet the highest standards of cleaning and absorbency. White in color, these 14”x14’ towels exclusively made for Best Linens have a strong, durable construction that ensures they won’t rip easily or need replacing often. We understand that Shop Towels must be able to be easily washed and used over and over which is why we use only the finest cotton material that can handle countless launders without losing its absorbency or softness.

These towels don’t just make cleanups easy but they help you do it in style. Be it in a shop, bar, gym, health club or anywhere else you can think of- these white towels will never go unused. They make an excellent choice for general maintenance and can even be used to wipe off grease with ease. Shop Towels from Best Linens will keep your workplace looking clean and well maintained at all times!