Disposable Isolation Gown - Blue, Non-Medical (200 Pieces)

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Product: Disposable Isolation Gown PE  (Non-Medical)

Style: Long Sleeves, BLUE Color

Type: Level 2, ANSI PB70

Details: Waterproof, Fluid Resistant, Non-sterilization. 

Size: One size

Quantity: 200 pieces

Introducing the Disposable Isolation Gown in blue color, our brand-new non-medical product for protecting yourself and others from viruses and bacteria! This improved disposable gown provides you with a fully waterproof and fluid resistant solution, allowing complete coverage from head to toe. A set of thumb loops ensures that the gowns fit securely.

Our Disposable Isolation Gowns are composed of Polyethylene (PE), making them lightweight - perfect for medical or allied staff who may be wearing these all day. Get reliable protection while still maintaining comfort and style by using our Disposable Isolation Gown!
As well as giving you peace of mind, our product was designed to meet the needs of physicians, nurses, doctors and other medical personnel after working in various facilities such as hospitals or patients’ homes. An effective solution that feels comfortable regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing up, make sure your comfort is taken into account without compromising on safety.
Order your Disposable Isolation Gowns now to feel secure when caring for yourself or others!