Staph Check Pillows 19x25" Vinyl Waterproof (10 Pieces/Box)


Product: Staph Check Pillow

Size: 19x25", perforated white, 20 oz fill polyester

Content: Softick pillows (vinyl covered)Outside: Vinyl (Waterproof), Inside: Polyester filling.  

Details: Certified Canadian made fabric. Fire Retardant product.

Color: White

Quantity: 10 pieces

Brand: Eurocale

Introducing Staph Check Pillows - designed with comfort in mind! Our pillows are made of the highest quality materials, with a softick vinyl outer layer and 20 oz fill polyester on the inside. Specializing in durability and comfort, these pillows are perfect for use in many different health care settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, old-age homes and chiropractic & physiotherapy clinics. Certified Canadian made fabric ensures you get only the best for your patients. And not just that - our product is also fire retardant offering an extra safety measure during use. Waterproof Staph Check Pillows 19x25" provide increased levels of value and well being - making them the ideal choice for your medical environment.


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