Microfiber Cloth 16x16" Orange (200 Pieces/Box)


Product: Microfibre Cloth

Dimensions: 16” x 16”

Fabric: Microfibre

Color:  Orange Microfiber

Quantity: 200 pieces per box

Brand: Eurocale

Introducing the MICROFIBER CLOTH 16X16" ORANGE, the ideal microfiber cloth for a range of uses. This microfiber fabric is expertly crafted, consisting of 80% polyester combined with 20% polyamide, making it incredibly robust and long-lasting. This superior cloth measures 16 inches by 16 inches in size, giving it ample surface area to deal with any dirt or debris you may have to move.

This versatile multi-use cloth can be used in restaurant, bars, coffee shops, homes and even for car detailing purposes. This strong and reliable cloth can also withstand up to 50 washes without any significant change in shape or consistency. Additionally this picture perfect cloth has anti-microbial protection with bleach safe technology to keep your tabletops and surfaces sparkly clean every time. It is also designed not to scratch delicate surfaces so as not to cause any damage during use.

The MICROFIBER CLOTH 16X16" ORANGE sets itself apart from other cleaning tools due to its unique blend of materials that make it significantly more durable than most standard wiping towels while still retaining softness and a large surface area for tackling tough stains or messes effortlessly. In conclusion this superior cleaning medium is perfect for any job no matter how big or small, allowing pristine results every single time.

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