Knitted Fitted Sheets 36x84x16" White With Green Hem 19 Oz. (6 Pieces)

$58.85 $50.02

 Product: Knitted Fitted Sheets

Dimensions: 36x84x16"

Weight: 19 oz

Fabric: 55% Cotton - 45% Polyester

Color: White with Green Hem

Quantity: 6 pieces per pack

Brand: Eurocale

Looking for the perfect fitted sheet for hospital beds? Look no further! The knitted fitted sheets 36x84x16" white with green colored hem is not only stylish, but offers superior comfort and durability that makes it ideal for any health care setting.

These sheets are made from a 55% Cotton - 45% Polyester blend, making them soft to the touch and cool enough for long-term wear. Not to mention the 16” drop allows your customers or clients to switch out bedding quickly and easily. Plus, the 19 oz weight ensures these sheets can take on rigorous daily use found in hospitals, nursing homes, old-age homes , retirement home, long-term care centers, chiropractic & physiotherapy clinics and draw sheet needs.

So, don't wait! Get yours today and make your place of care look more inviting and feel more comfortable instantly. With all the features this knitted fitted sheet offers you can be sure you are getting maximum value with this product.