Bib Aprons 100% Spun Polyester White (12 Pieces/Box)


Product: Bib Apron

Dimensions: 32” x 34”

Fabric: 100% Spun Polyester

Color: White

Features: No pockets

Quantity: 1 dozen (12 pieces) per pack

Brand: Eurocale

These Bib Aprons are the perfect choice for any hospitality professional. Crafted from 100% spun polyester, these white bib aprons measure 32” x 34” and offer an extra level of protection for your clothing when working in a kitchen setting. Not only does it provide coverage, but these high-quality bib aprons also offer a polished and professional look that is sure to go just as well with everyday workwear as it does with uniforms. It can also be customized to fit your brand's image through screen printing, adding even more of an exclusive touch to the restaurant's style. No pockets make this piece incredibly easy to maintain and store. Add in unbeatable comfort and long-lasting durability, and you have the ideal team uniform accessory. Invest today in these BIB APRONS 100% SPUN POLYESTER WHITE for both protective and stylish additions to any hospitality worker's wardrobe!
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