KITCHEN TOWELS 15X26 GREEN CENTRE STRIPE 20 OZ. (100 doz/bale) (1200 pieces)


Product: Kitchen Towel

Dimensions: 15” x 26”

Weight: 20 oz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Color: White with green centre stripe

Quantity: 100 dozen (1200 pieces) per pack

Brand: Eurocale

Barber Towels 15x26”, Vat dyed Green Centre Stripe 20 Oz., 100% Cotton barber towels, great for facial, hot towel treatments. 

Multi-purpose towels, Eurocale brand.  Kitchen towels referred by different names including Dish towel, Tea towels and Chef Towels. A Kitchen towels is plain, usually white, often with a stripe. Our high quality Kitchen towels are absorbent and durable. Mostly available in Bulk. Kitchen linen used, drying dishes quickly and effectively. Drying hands. Wiping up spills and liquids. Disinfecting countertops. Tea towels can be available in different sizes, material and colors. Also known as Herringbone Weave, 15”x26”

Absorbent & durable, Ring Spun, long lasting white towel, fast drying and absorbent cotton
This towels can be used in salons, spa, nail bars, beauty salon, tanning salons and massage centers.
These premium towels are super absorbent and machine washable. They do not lose their texture after multiple washes
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