ISOLATION GOWNS - 100% Polyester, Fluid Resistant, Reusable, Yellow, Non-Medical (60 Pieces)

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Product: Isolation Gown with White Knitted Cuffs (Non-Medical)

Content: 100% Polyester, T250 Thread Count

Size: One size. Sweep 60” / Length 48”

Color: Yellow plain

Quantity: 60 pieces

Details:  Overlap back, ties at neck & back waist. Generously sized with longer sleeve length for comfortable arm movement. High Thread count. Polyester woven fabric with non-linting filament polyester yarns controls fluid resistance/water repellent. Can take up to 50 washes if following recommended care instructions. 

Reusable 100% Polyester, yellow isolation gowns are fluid resistant, in longer sleeves and quick drying, comfortable white knitted cuffs along with overlap back, twill tie neck & back waist. One size fits all. Sweep 60” / Length 48”. Have high thread count. Made of non-linting filament polyester yarns controls fluid resistance/water repellent. Available in a variety of fiber content, colors, weights and sizes. Used in Healthcare sector , Hospitals, clinics, dentists, RMTS, Registered Massage Therapist, Old-age Homes , Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, Hospices, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Clinics, Long Term Facilities, Long Term Care Centers. Dental clinics, Janitorial supplies and commercial cleaners, schools and Montessori. Can take up to 50 washes if recommended care instructions are followed. 
In stock and available for immediate delivery. 

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